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Many Non Profits Are Available to Help Seniors With a House Tune Up This Winter

The program has many advantages that include health screenings, videos and advice about preventing frauds and scams that target seniors. The AARP's program for mature independence provides a wonderful way for seniors to remain independent and still be able to stay in their homes. Clearbrook Foundation

Clearbrook Foundation Clearbrook Foundation is one of the nonprofits that are able to assist those with house maintenance this winter. Clearbrook has a range of services and offers an outreach program called The Energy Bus. This provides advice on how to take care of your heating system to keep your hot water heater from expensive repairs , or even worse the lack of heat.

Energy Bus can travel to retirement homes for elderly residents who are unable to attend town council meetings. They'll check on them and offer them useful knowledge. Seniors require warmth, but not too much. One of the most pressing issues facing seniors is their bills for heating. Clearbrook is determined to make sure that the price of heating your home is affordable for every resident. Clearbrook offers many services, which include weatherizing the house as well as heating the home. They also provide a fantastic service of installing weatherstripping on windows and doors such as the garage door to prevent cool air from entering the house.

Clearbrook says it The Energy Bus was established in the year 2010 by Clearbrook to help low-income clients reduce their energy consumption. The program focuses on energy conservation education. The outreach program provides information about energy savings for Massachusetts residents who most need the help. By speaking with people directly it is easier to help those with questions or questions about their energy bill, or require assistance in understanding how to properly maintain their water heater and home heating system to ensure they can last longer.

The Energy Bus employees are professionals who take great pride in serving the community. Clearbrook